Dona Homes

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Choosing a builder is a tough decision. Ideally, you are best served by an entity that will actually listen to you, rather than tell you what you should have, and how you should have it. People get frustrated by the same old re-hashed floor plans being served up time and again by companies only interested in volume sales and fast turn-around. As an individual, you have specific needs and preferences and these should be able to be incorporated into your new home. Its not that hard to do if you're set up to do it, and that is exactly where we come in.

Dona Homes are boutique home builders with over forty years experience building custom houses in the in Melbourne and around the country. This means our expert building knowledge and workmanship ensures your home is built with higher quality construction and finer finishes. As luxury home builders, we don't mass-produce homes, therefore we can provide personalised service at every stage and customise your designer home exactly to your tastes and preferences, and all this for surprisingly less than you would expect. Please take your time to browse this site and see why Dona Homes are the leader in creating a customised, individual home, just the way your home should be.