Delaware Homes

39 Gerald Street, Blackburn VIC 3130
Ph: (03) 9886 0066   •   Fax: (03) 9846 7137

We are a Domestic Builder, specialising in quality construction of custom designed extensions.

Delaware Homes is a residential design & construct building company. We specialise in design and quality construction of custom built extensions. The company has been in business since 1990 and has successfully completed hundreds of home extensions and renovations.


Our Team specialise in Extensions and Renovations as this type of work is significantly different from new home construction because there are many other factors to consider. As part of the process we can advise if it is best for you to stay at the site during construction or if it is advisable to move out. We can accurately indicate the time it will take to complete your project.


Our aim is to Design-not just draw plans. Our creative and experienced design team will design and create spaces which fulfill the client's brief. Attention to detail is critical for creating a quality product, therefore we work closely with our clients to address all elements of the project.

We work with clients in a three step process that ensures:

  • We customise and optimise the design for your needs
  • Your budget and the project design are in sync
  • You have a fixed price contract that is signed at the end of the process not the beginning

ABN: 93 083 215 954

Date Established: 1990