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Builders choose our products because they're simple, tough and fit easily within normal building practices.

Australia is the driest habitable continent on earth and we're facing unprecedented water shortages which threaten our lifestyle, our basic water needs and the ecosystems we rely on. Azuratec products and services benefit the community by providing water management systems which reduce reliance on public water supplies.

Design and construct: Azuratec is equipped to provide building companies with a 'design and construct' service specializing in all aspects of home's water conservation systems. Contact us when the 'planning and design' stage begins and we can calculate and specify the water products needed and assist your engineers and architects prepare drawings for council.

Delivery and installation: Flexibility and contractor management in the building and construction industry are paramount in ensuring the schedule is met. Delivery is typically included with all Azuratec systems and we aim to be as flexible as possible as your installation date approaches.

Azuratec product range:

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Stormwater detention
  • Greywater recycling