The Frater Group

Reservoir VIC 3073

Frater Molior Constructions represents the client servicing building and construction arm of the Frater Group. We provide a full, turn-key building service to clients. Our focus is to provide a personalised service to clients that maximises our knowledge and industry experience to deliver the building you want on time and on budget.

Every project starts with a brief. We thrive on unique briefs and welcome all client engagement to ensure our vision of the project is exactly our clients’ vision. Thorough preparation and planning, a core principle of Frater Molior Constructions, is then undertaken to clarify how the project will be completed within our clients timeframe and budget. As part of our full building service, at all stages we maintain a high level of communication and engagement with clients to keep them informed of the progress of the construction.

Moreover, operating under the Frater Group, Frater Molior Constructions has the added capacity to offer its clients the engagement of Frater Energy Assessors to provide sustainability and energy assessment during the planning stage. Clients can take full advantage of this facility to determine the most cost effective way to improve the sustainability and energy usage of their new dwelling.