Nationwide Shopfitting Australia

2 / 7 Everaise Crt, Laverton VIC 3028
Ph: (03) 9395 6362   •   Fax: (03) 9395 6368   •   Mob: 0408 738 972

Nationwide Shopfitting Australia is an energetic Melbourne based shop fitting company operating and delivering shop fitting services to a wide client base- cafes and restaurants, kiosks, fashion stores, delis, chemists, surf shops, beauty salons, retail outlets and hairdressers, to name but a few.

Nationwide Shopfitting Australia has well developed expertise in not only designing new fittings for retail stores as well as store makeovers in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our industry experience across the board, includes fit outs to general retail, fresh food outlets either in Melbourne shopping centres or standalone sites. Fittting out a store involves a strong sense of colour and fashion, as well as the ability to create new and exciting design features in your store- we combine funcionality, practicality and innovative and visually interesting features in your shop fitoouts.

Nationwide Shopfitting understands the importance of strong communication between clients and their staff- this improves the overall end product- a store fitout that matches the personality of the business, store owner, or corporate image. We are market leaders in how we respond to client needs and time frames- all aspects of the work are considered, and acted upon, with timely actions and attention to detail.