Hillier Constructions

45 Brickwood St, Brighton VIC 3186
Fax: (03) 9596 3212   •   Mob: 0414 543 203

Hillier Constructions has been in the building business for over a decade. We pride ourselves in being small enough to be able to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients, whilst still offering a full service. We undertake works of all sizes ranging from on-ground timber decks to 3 storey Toorak mansions. At Hillier Constructions we will work with you at each stage of the construction to ensure that there are no surprises and that we deliver on your expectations.

At Hillier Constructions we thrive on a challenge so if your job is highly complicated or you have been told it can't be done, then bring your ideas to us and we will work with you to bring them to reality. Of course we are equally interested in talking to you about your small project ideas.

We operate predominantly around Melbourne's south east bay side suburbs however don't worry if your project is elsewhere as we are happy to travel.