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During the ‘80s and ‘90s, the architectural world advanced rapidly. Offices started to move on from their bland, cramped beginnings. Shops opted for higher ceilings, bolder illumination and more elegant finishes. Buildings façades were no longer simply clad in glass or rendered; designers instead imagined new possibilities for timber, aluminium and plastic. Even the humble paint matured, with thousands of new colours and textures springing up. Assisted by these innovations and the invention of previously unseen materials, our places of work and leisure grew more intuitive, versatile and attractive.

Around the turn of the millennium, it seems the world became more conscientious. Beautification was no longer enough. We thought more deeply about the consequences of building, its effects on the environment and our own well-being. Low-emission paints and energy-saving bulbs became the norm, insulation more vital, and new regulations emerged to protect our health.